Hello, I am Teacher Young, and I am the Owner, Director, and Lead Teacher at YAY Children. It is my intention to run a preschool class of eight students out of my cozy home in West Seattle. My niche is to serve working parents by caring for preschoolers Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm. For current enrollment information please click on ENROLLMENT at the top of the page.


Young's Atelier for Young Children adopts a Reggio-Emilia style emergent curriculum. With my 1:8 teacher to child ratio, I have the opportunity to truly get to know each preschooler. The curriculum adapts to the personalized interests of the children and supports a collaborative, creative and unique learning experience for each family. The “atelier” refers to the studio or workshop in the Reggio-style curriculum. Our preschool will be very hands-on, play-based, social, and full of inspirational exploration. In its essence, art is an integral part of the studio. Our preschoolers have the opportunity to explore many of the arts including visual arts, three-dimensional sculpture, singing and dramatic arts, music/movement dance, as well as activities that cross over into science, math, engineering and design, literacy, health, communication and language arts.


The Reggio-style curriculum recognizes the “100 languages of children.” This is a profound concept. We as adults, are here to listen when a child expresses him/herself in a way we may not quite understand at first. Children are fully equipped with languages all of their own. So as we teach them our language, let us observe, listen, and cooperate with what they express in their own languages. Here at YAY Children, English will be our primary language, and we will learn Korean and Spanish vocabulary as well. Any other spoken languages that reflect the diversity of our families are welcome at YAY Children.


We are familiar with curriculum that involves Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. At YAY Children we incorporate Art, and the preferred acronym becomes TEAMS since I believe in the strength of teamwork. The collaboration involves multiple relationships: between Teacher and Student - between Student and Parent - between Parent and Teacher, and between Us and Our Community. It is a powerful dynamic flow of endless teamwork/collaboration/partnership. Please feel welcome to communicate and share if you have an idea, presentation, talent, or materials to contribute to our lesson plans. Parent and Family Partnerships are vital to our success in raising young children.


Back to that reference of teamwork. I am my own team (my mother lives with me and provides moral support on a daily basis but she will not be part of my staff). When your child is accepted as a preschool student at YAY Children, I hope you feel you are welcome as family and feel free to express your ideas and feedback at any time. Together we will make the best of the children's precious preschool years and prepare them to be enthusiastic problem-solvers, positive contributors to our society, and self-confident capable individuals ready for Kindergarten and beyond. Let's do this!


It is with great joy that I have the opportunity to open YAY Children in the Great Pacific Northwest, in the world-class city of Seattle, and in such diverse West Seattle. We have no preschool without this wonderful community and rainbow of families who call it home. YAY Children respects and supports diversity. If you know of a local resource you would like us to know about, please feel free to share. A note about sustainability: as you know Seattle is a clean, fresh, and green city. What you might not know is how much trash a preschool is capable of creating. Tons. YAY Children strives to create minimal waste while respecting licensing requirements and common sense sanitary practices. We will absolutely create plenty of artwork to take home, but we will also document art activities so you have the memories, without the clutter and temptation to hoard it all. We will limit the use of disposable items (again, with respect to sanitary practices). When we have celebrations and parties, we will use reusable or compostable goods. It is my goal to instill in young children a sense of respect towards our environment, resources, and disposable materials.


Brain development, physical growth, emotional well-being, and positive eating habits are accomplished through language activities, sharing, and being social with other peers. We integrate physical movement with fine and gross motor activities. We discuss our feelings and emotions and help one another with positive guidance. We practice healthy eating and drinking habits with a well-balanced nutritious (organic when possible) menu of snacks, lunches, and beverages. We enjoy our food served family-style at one communal table. This encourages children to practice etiquette, share and pass food, have conversations, as well as practice hand-eye coordination and learn math concepts. YAY Children will not serve candy, artificial sugar-laden snacks, or processed junk foods at any time.

We are growing and have a new location! Stay tuned for Summer Session and 2018-2019 details.

Please email yaychildren@gmail.com with any questions.